The Best Eco-Friendly Pencils For Adult Coloring Books

The world is extremely stressful today, no doubt about it. Adult coloring has been proven to relax anxieties and create a calm effect. However, if you’re struggling with cheap pencils that keep breaking or you’re not satisfied with the colors, where is the enjoyment? Maybe your tried markers first and found out the hard way that they leak through the page with a rippling affect, ruining the back side of your picture and possibly the next page of your book, if you hadn’t removed it all together or placed a blotter sheet between.
123getgreen.com did some experimenting and we found Colowlful eco-friendly pencils to be the bomb. The artist or the beginner will enjoy having these high quality pencils as part of their everyday supplies.

Colowful pencils come in a set of 24 different vibrant shades. These new pencils are non toxic, phthalate free and made from natural wood, cruelty free. The packaging is also eco-friendly to our environment as it is made from recycled materials. 123getgreen.com loves Colowful’s approach to helping the planet.

Coloring with Colowful

You will find a comfortable grip on the natural wood makes your colors flow with ease upon your page as you color, sketch, blend or shade. Made with soft eco friendly colors, these Colowlful pencils resist breaking while giving you a clean and easy sharpening experience.

Perfect for your adult coloring books as well as classrooms, kids and crafting clubs, Colowful eco-friendly pencils can’t be beat. Create lasting beauty you can be proud of!

Colowlful eco friendly pencils even come with free downloadable coloring pages.

We here at 123getgreen.com love our adult coloring books. Here are some things to notice when purchasing an adult coloring book.

  • 1. Is this book made with quality paper? A very thick stock of paper or parchment is best if you’re really serious about your coloring pages. Even when printing at home from downloads, there is no reason why your shouldn’t invest in your arts and purchase a quality stock of paper.
  • 2. Are the pages easy to remove from the book? You may find your coloring page to be “refrigerator worthy” so looking for perforated pages may best suit your needs. Also, if you are coloring with a friend, sharing a book, page removal may be a quality to look for to suit your personal needs.
  • 3. Are there drawings on both sides of the page to color? If so, you may be bummed when you’ve colored one side and now the other side is full of indentation marks from the first side making it unattractive and now you no longer want to bother with that page. Quality coloring books will only have drawings on one side of the page.
  • 4. Do the drawings in your book flow from one page to the next easily? When a print takes up two pages, coloring in the crease of the book can be quite tricky depending on the pattern of the drawing. Look closely and make your determination on how this will effect your coloring.

So 1-2-3 get your coloring needs green with Colowful eco friendly pencils! Great for all!

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  • Tammy James

    These would be a great item to put on our wishlist at our local nature center. They always have summer day camps with alot of craft time.

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