Laundry POD Manual Washing Machine Review

123getgreen.com takes a personal look at the eco-friendly Laundry Pod as compared to other manual options available.
The Laundry Pod is a manually operated clothes washer for small loads that saves water, electricity, detergent and time. Great for hand wash only garments, lingerie, gym clothes, the kids’ sporting uniforms, baby clothes and of course, the environment. Perfect for off-grid living.

The small durable plastic container fits easily under your sink for storage with quick access to countertop or tub/shower usage.
There are many reasons for owning a Laundry Pod.

My Laundry Pod Experience

Who doesn’t like saving money? Use less, spend less. It just makes sense. You will use much less water than a small load with your electric machine as some use up to 40 gallons per load, and you won’t be using any electricity at all. That’s right, you do the work. You don’t have to be muscular and strong armed to handle a few items in a couple of gallons of water. Save on detergent as only a very tiny amount of liquid detergent is required. Saving your precious time is also a bonus. You can finish a load in five minutes compared to 20 or 30 in an electric machine. And no more driving to the laundry mat so you’re saving gas and reducing your carbon footprint on Mother Earth.

I don’t know anyone who enjoys the experience of the local laundromat, and its a lot of work, loading and hauling, repeating week after week. The money you will save not going there will quickly pay for your Laundry Pod. Keep up with the laundry by doing frequent small loads. You will find only your large items like blankets and towels will need to go in a larger machine.

I had been wanting an easier way to hand wash my finer things so I dug in and did the research. There were only a few available products ranging an average in price from $50.00 to $100.00. I instantly wondered why there was such a difference while glancing at the pictures, they basically looked the same. Yes, the Laundry Pod is the more expensive model but I find that it is quite worth it. It does twice the job of the lower end machines.

Mainly, the less expensive models turned out to be glorified buckets with a hand crank to “stir” your load around. This doesn’t do me much good due to the fact that you still had to wring out all the water by hand, and personally I find that to be a pain in my washing career, not to mention that it makes my hands ache. I could just as well get a small tub and stir things around with a large spoon.
Great news! The Laundry Pod has great spinning action and gets out more water than I can by hand. 123getgreen.com definitely picked The Laundry Pod!

Testing Out the Laundry Pod – Washing Clothes

So, I placed my order and received my Laundry Pod within a week. My first thought was, wow, it is extremely lightweight. I opened it up and the basket inside reminded me of old washing machines from the 60-70’s that bragged of having a mini-basket feature. The plastic is very thick and durable with easy open and click tight closure feature. The hand crank is well manufactured and sturdy. The draining hose was much longer than I expected which is great. So let’s get started.

Anxious to see how it worked, I immediately started experimenting as to how much detergent to use and where am I going to do this? The kitchen? The bathroom? How many items can I easily wash at once?

My first attempt was on the kitchen counter next to the sink. Making sure the drain feature is on hold, I followed the directions and filled the tub up half way. I added the amount of suggested detergent, which was 1-1/2 teaspoon. I also added one shot of white vinegar to help with stains and to release pet hair. I put four small adult sized t-shirts in the tub, added more water until items were covered, closed the lid and began the agitation process.

Not bad hand cranking at all. The sleek design moves easily with little effort. Turn 2-3 full circles in one direction and then repeat by going in the opposite direction. Continue for a couple of minutes or more if clothes are heavily soiled. I stopped cranking and opened the drain feature. It did take a bit for the water to drain, so here I learned to walk away and come back instead of “watching the pot”. I gave the clothes a good spin and opened the tub to put in the rinse water. Ought oh, too much soap. At this point, I fussed with it a bit. I added water and still had too much soap. I found it easier to remove the basket and rinse the inside tub out directly. I put it back together and proceeded to rinse and then spin.

Dialing It In

Here’s where the true learning experience kicked in. When I went to spin dry my items, I turned the crank very fast. Holding onto the rubber dip in the lid designed for gripping with my left hand and cranking with my right, the tub began to wobble and I found myself hugging the tub. This was not ideal. Could it be due to the fact that I am short and petite, maybe. I removed the clothes and was quite pleased with the amount of water that had been removed with the spinning process, much better and way easier than I could ever do by hand. This experience was mediocre so how about the tub/shower?

Second attempt was in the tub/shower and it went much smoother. This time I’m washing four pairs of adult sized shorts. There was definitely room for at least two more items, but I left it at four so the cranking would not get harder with more water and items. Laundry POD claims you can wash up to 10 items in each load, but I find those items must be baby clothes because 10 adult items are not going to fit. I’d say five at the most.

Learning from my past experience, I decreased the amount of liquid detergent to just 1 teaspoon and one shot of white vinegar. This turned out to be the perfect combo for me. By lowering the Laundry POD into the tub instead of using on the kitchen countertop, I found the cranking and spinning process much easier. By holding the gripping area down the spinning was much better and did not wobble at all. I feel I got more water out with faster and easier handling in the tub.


Now I use my Laundry POD almost everyday and I’m loving it! This amazing item is great for everyone! College dorms, camping, RV’s, baby clothes, lingerie, imagine all the uses!

So does the Laundry POD live up to the claim. Other than being able to wash ten items at once, I say, yes, indeed!
If you have an eco-friendly attitude and strive to be sustainable, conservative and take pride in reducing your carbon footprint, the Laundry POD is a great way to 123getgreen!


Learn More About The Laundry Pod

To see more information or buy a Laundry Pod of your own, visit the Amazon listing.

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